Clear Paint Protection Film

The perfect solution to flying debris, bugs, rocks & more.


What is it?


Is it new?

Paint Protection Film is a clear 6-mil polyurethane material with a 2-mil adhesive layer. The material is applied to protect against damage to paint caused by bugs, rocks & other debris.

No, in fact many vehicle manufactures have been applying Paint Protection Film to small areas of vehicles for more than 10 years.

Will it turn yellow?

Our film has a Lifetime Warranty against yellowing or cracking.

Will the paint under the film fade differently?

The Paint Protection Film contains only enough UV inhibitors to keep the from turning yellow; this allows the paint under the film to fade evenly with the rest of the vehicle.

How easily will it peel off?

The material has a strong adhesive to help keep it firmly attached to your vehicle. In the event you decide to remove the film, an easy release system is activated by stretching the film until the adhesive begins to release. Once the film is removed, the same material cannot be reused.


How much does it cost?

Much less than the cost of repainting, prices vary based on how much coverage is required for your vehicle. Generally, the cost to protect the hood, fenders and mirrors ("Hood Kit") is around $200-$300. Generally cost around $400-$500. Pre-cut kids are also available for some vehicles down the side of the entire vehicle.

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How is it installed?

Paint Protection Film should be Installed by a professional Center. A professional installer will apply sheets of protection film using a special application solution and special application tools, to ensure a clean, clear, bubble–free installation that will last for me years.


Paint protection Film should be cared for in the same way you would care for the paint on your vehicle. The product can be washed and waxed along with the rest of your vehicle. If any wax residue remains at the edge of the film it can be removed with a soft bristle toothbrush. if you say hi pressure wash to clean your vehicle, the novel at least one inch from the film prevent lifting of the edge.


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